Live Webinar Date:
Tues., Feb. 10, 2015
Presented by 
Stephen Heywood
Application Specialist, Telestream

Join us for a review and live demonstration of some of the more advanced features of Wirecast.  This webinar will instruct you on several critical, but complex concepts and technical skills necessary to take your experience with Telestream’s Wirecast software to the next level.

 The delivery will primarily be a hands-on tutorial and demonstration of the software showing you how to optimize your encoding settings, program and use playlists, manipulate media, and integrate Twitter into your broadcasts.

Who Should Attend?

Any new or prospective Wirecast customers interested seeing the more advanced features Wirecast can offer should attend.  As well as any existing Wirecast customers looking to dive deeper into its capabilities, and want  an advanced lesson in Wirecast.  And anyone who is interested in creating professional-level, high quality live web streams should attend.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to optimize your Wirecast encoding settings to get the best possibly quality broadcast on your internet connection
  • Key concepts and technical terms in encoding
  • Programming playlists for hands-free broadcasting
  • New capabilities of the Wirecast Preview editor for media settings
  • Integrating and using Twitter in your live broadcasts

If you can't attend, but don't want to miss this session, go ahead and sign up! We'll email you a link to the recorded webinar!

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